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We're Creative

With high innovation to develop new products based on Soursop

We're Professional

Delivering quality products with hi-tech equipment and standards

We're Experienced

With more than 3 years as number one soursop producer based in Malaysia


Exotic Puri Juice product include soursop, passion fruits, roszel and kuini. You can apply our attractive package for franchise Indoor Outdoor




Satisfied Clients

95 %

Positive Feedback

90 %

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85 %

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Our Services


We produce soursop products in various forms eg. puree, pulp, juice and powder


We welcome enquiries from interested parties to join us as part of our family as franchisees in our Exotic Puri Juice outlet.


We collaborate with Technology park Malaysia, MARA, FAMA, PPK to ensure improved quality of our products in keeping with world health standards.

Our Skills


Maintain product quality with industrial standard


We promise that we can deliver our product into market and make sure it continues without failure


We deliver only quality and healthy product that highly benefit to people.


Continuous process to make sure our product always in healthy good quality and reach to anyway

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